Xcel Energy first launched its Wildfire Mitigation Program in 2018. We filed our Wildlife Mitigation Plan with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission in 2019 and supplement it every year with an Annual Report to the Commission. Find more on this process.

Plan Milestones and Highlights

Visually inspected 100% (2,900 miles) of transmission line in Wildfire Risk Zone by ground and aerial patrol for higher-voltage lines (over 200 kV)

Completed 40 miles of major transmission line rebuilds

Completed drone inspections of 15,000 distribution poles

Inspected high-risk distribution feeders and need for additional reclosers

Completed enhanced risk and wildfire spread modeling

Continued data collection to analyze pole integrity and necessary vegetation clearance
On track to replace 11,524 distribution wood poles by the end of 2022

Upgraded lightning arrestors

Replaced fuses with new wildfire standard devices that improve safety
Performed a distribution feeder protection study

Analyzed wind strength of transmission and distribution structures

Implemented Wildfire Safety Settings in targeted Wildfire Risk Zones to quickly detect problems on the grid in high-risk areas and conditions and deenergize those lines if needed

Added smart grid upgrades that allow for earlier fault detection and protection
Continued removal of hazard trees, shrubs and grasses near circuits

Created defensible space around distribution poles

Make continuous improvements to response protocols and safe work practices in high-risk areas under certain fire watch conditions
Engaged with counties and community organizations in wildfire risk areas

Hosted virtual town halls for the public and annual Colorado Wildfire Mitigation Summits for utilities

Filed Wildfire Mitigation Annual Reports with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission