Wildfire Mitigation Program

Improving safety and reducing wildfire threats across our service area


At Xcel Energy, we’re working hard every day to improve safety and reduce wildfire threats across our service area. Since 2019, we’ve invested over $450 million in wildfire mitigation activities to help protect lives, homes and property from the threat of wildfire under our Wildfire Mitigation Program.

We recognize that wildfires pose a significant year-round threat to our customers, communities and our state as a whole – and we are proactively implementing programs to minimize ignition risks associated with operating our system. As part of our commitment to safety, we’re continually making strategic investments and improvements to support our power grid, build resilience and increase our situational awareness to mitigate wildfire risk.

Our plan will continue to evolve as we evaluate new technologies, gain more industry and stakeholder input and complete more inspections and studies to inform our program and help keep our communities safe.

Program Overview

Learn more about our Wildfire Mitigation Program.

Strengthening our System

Learn about the investments and improvements we’re making to our power grid.

Operational Awareness

Learn how operational and situational awareness helps us make critical decisions.

Community Outreach

Learn how we are working with communities.

Safety and Preparedness

Learn how to stay safe and be prepared for potential wildfires.

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